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Be the Mentor You Needed.

Remember being on the outside of the tech industry looking in? Whether you rose through the ranks in a C.S. program or launched your career in your garage, you found a way to break into - and succeed in - tech. Now is your chance to help the next generation of underrepresented tech students do the same, by becoming a CodePath mentor.

CodePath mentors are passionate tech professionals eager to connect with and support students as they start their careers. This is your opportunity to give back, address systemic bias in tech, and uplift others while advancing your own career.

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Prepare the Next Tech Generation

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Matching Algorithm

Mentors & mentees are suggested using a matching algorithm based on criteria like common technical interests, programming languages, and more.

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Tailored Discussion Prompts

Based on the onboarding form, mentors & mentees are given the option to choose from session topics - like resume reviews, mock technical interviews, and general career advice. 

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Comprehensive Resources

Mentors and mentees are provided with an optional six-session plan, including readings, worksheets, and guides intended to make the mentoring engagement as seamless as possible.

Hear From Our Mentees

Headshot of Caleb Oke

Associate Software Engineer, Slack

Troy University

"After graduating college in December, I’m glad to start my first week as an Associate Software Engineer at Slack. So much love and gratitude for everyone who has been part of my journey. Special thanks to my family, my friends, my coach, and the CodePath family for their constant support and best wishes."

Headshot of Leandro Gamarra

Incoming SWE Intern, Nextdoor

John Jay College

"I’m excited to announce that last month I’ve accepted a Summer 2022 internship offer as a Software Engineer Intern at Nextdoor. I want to thank CodePath for their Technical Interview Prep courses and Career Fair. Without them, I don’t know where I would be in navigating technical interviews. Special thanks to all the amazing mentors, iOS TAs, and instructors at CodePath as well. "

Headshot of Brian Balthazar

Software Engineering Intern, iCIMS

New Jersey Institute of Technology

"The Internship Connection Program from CodePath has allowed me to practice my networking skills and equipped me with the best methods for finding and landing an internship, and ultimately my dream job. The workshops and office hours with friendly staff from CodePath and various companies make me feel comfortable and that I can succeed, which is so helpful during this competitive time for obtaining internships."

Hear From Our Mentors

Headshot of Hesham Alqershi

Software Developer, HCL Technologies

"Giving back to the community is one of the best things I did in 2021. I volunteered as a software engineering mentor to support university students for the non profit organization CodePath. I had the opportunity to meet a lot of passionate people. I enjoyed every hour I spent with my students. It feels wonderful watching them grow their skillset."

Headshot of Masha Aseeva

Genomics Software Engineer, Myriad Genetics 

"Mentoring with CodePath has been rewarding in so many ways. There are many things that I didn’t know until several years in my career that I wish somebody told me about earlier— both in regards to career development as well as just optimizing my day-to-day workflow. I’ve learned how to communicate those teachings to my mentees, which has been personally rewarding as well. Finding a community in tech has been vital for me in approaching difficult topics, like salary negotiation and imposter syndrome, and I hope that providing that community to my mentees helps ease some of the doubts they may have early on. I feel as though I learn just as much from my mentees as they may learn from me."

Headshot of Sunand Krishnan

Senior Software Engineer, Capital One

“Becoming a mentor in CodePath’s mentorship program has helped me kickstart my journey to becoming a people leader in the technology field. It has refined my communication, active listening, and overall leadership skills.”

Headshot of Paul Leiva

Software Engineer, Cisco

"Participating in the program allowed me to provide an opportunity to others who often think it isn't available to them. The advice, experiences, and skills I have shared with other students have made my career events and achievements seem even more valuable and impactful."

Mentor Do's & Don'ts


  1. Set aside time for the mentoring process and honor all appointments.
  2. Respond to emails from your mentee within two days of receipt, and provide honest and timely feedback.
  3. Establish confidential, open and honest communication and a forum for idea exchange.
  4. Foster creativity and independence. Help build self-confidence and offer encouragement.
  5. Provide opportunities for the mentee to talk about concerns and ask questions.


  1. Worry about having the right answers. The best mentors are those who listen and give honest feedback and advice.
  2. Encourage mentee to be totally dependent upon you.
  3. Be too busy when the mentee needs your friendship or your support. If you do not have time, give the mentee a heads up, so that they know when they can reach you.
  4. Criticize.

Become a Mentor Today



  • Who is eligible to become a CodePath Mentor?

    Professionals working in a technical role (engineering, product, design, etc.) with at least 2 years of work experience are eligible to be CodePath mentors. Being proficient in at least 1 programming language is requested but not mandatory.

  • What am I expected to do?

    We have two modes of mentorship - ongoing and one-time. For ongoing mentorship, mentors are asked to meet with their mentees at least six times during the semester-long mentoring engagement. For one time, mentors are asked to meet with their mentee for a 1 hour session only. These interactions will take place via web conferencing tools such as Zoom, Skype, or phone calls.

  • How long will the commitment be?

    The ongoing mentoring engagement lasts for one school semester, approximately 13 weeks. One-time mentorship engagements, last for 1 hour and you can continue to communicate on the platform for 5 days after the initial session.

  • What do I discuss with my mentee?

    Based on the responses you and your mentee provide in the onboarding form, you will be given a list of possible conversation topics and goals to discuss during each of the five sessions. Typical topics include learning new programming languages, launching a startup, landing a first internship, and more. However, mentors and mentees can determine their own goals for each session if they prefer to do so.

  • What resources are provided for mentors and mentees?

    Mentors and mentees are provided with a six-session plan which includes readings, worksheets, and help guides intended to make the mentoring engagement as seamless as possible.

  • What should I do if my mentoring relationship isn't going well?​

    We encourage letting the mentee know about the situation and contacting as soon as possible. We will provide our full support to resolve the situation in a positive and satisfactory manner.