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Join Our Tech Fellowship

Become a CodePath Tech Fellow and bring one of our no-cost courses to your college or university. Join our national community of over 180 Tech Fellows to lift up your fellow CS classmates, become a campus leader and close the equity gap in the tech industry.

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About Our Tech Fellowship Program

Become a Campus Leader

Tech Fellows are CS students like you who are trained by CodePath to deliver our industry-supported courses at their schools. As a Tech Fellow, you could strengthen your school's CS resources by bringing our Cybersecurity, iOS, or Android courses to your campus.

Students who become Tech Fellows will master their technical skills, become a local influencer, and play an active role in advancing diversity in tech. Plus, you’ll become part of the CodePath community—which gives you priority access to mentorship, career fairs, scholarships, conferences, and more.

Silicon Valley Backed Courses At Your Fingertips

Tech Fellows can choose to deliver one of our industry-backed courses at their colleges or universities.


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Cybersecurity & Hacking

Master the mindset of a security professional as you help students learn the fundamentals of information security, common application vulnerabilities, and development of defensive applications. 

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iOS Mobile Development

Help students learn iOS development through our hands-on course. Each week, students will build an app to apply the concepts they have learned. In the final weeks of class, you will lead your classmates to create their own mobile apps!

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Android Mobile Development

Share the ins and outs of Android development through our project-based course. Build three fully functional app projects over the first 6 weeks of the course, then lead your peers to create their own apps!

What to expect


  • Currently enrolled at the college or university where the course will run.
  •  Should be Sophomore or higher level.
  • Has Computer Science background:
    • Completed an intro to object oriented programming course or have existing familiarity
    • Completed a data structures and algorithms course or have existing familiarity.
  • Can commit to participating in the pre-course Tech Fellow Training Program. 


  • Attend and actively participate in the TF Training.
  • Build community on your campus with CodePath's support.
  • Non-credit courses must have a minimum of 2 Tech Fellows in order to be admitted.
  • Minimum time commitment:
    • Application Process: Complete a pre-work assignment (2-3 hours total)
    •  Spring 2023 Training TBD
    • During Course:  5-10 hours per week during the course (10-12 weeks in total) Please note, this can be split up between multiple TFs

Perks & benefits

  • Work in service of CodePath’s mission, and provide important learning opportunities for other students.
  • Practice technical presentation & communication skills
  • Leadership skill development
  • Technical debugging skills improvement
  • Support with resume building & credibility
  • Higher priority is given for opportunities to career fairs, grants, conferences, and projects 
  • Build Community on Campus 

Hear from Our Tech Fellows

Headshot of Yujeong Lee

Meta University Curriculum Developer (iOS)

Earlham College

"One of the best aspects of being a CodePath Tech Fellow is that we get to reinforce what we learn by teaching it immediately after. Even though I became an iOS Tech Fellow without any background in iOS development, there are always engineers and teachers to answer our questions and troubleshoot. The supportive community helped me reduce a lot of fear in getting into computer science as a woman."

Headshot of  Sergio Dejo Ames

Software Engineer, Nextdoor

University of California, Irvine

"I was so impressed by the opportunities that CodePath offers that I chose to become a Tech Fellow the following quarter to teach other students the things I have learned and to expose them to the amazing opportunities that CodePath has to offer. Coming from a low-income background, opportunities are often harder to come by but CodePath has opened their knowledge and expertise for free to students like me who would otherwise not have the chance to do so and I am grateful for that. "

Headshot of Ayomide Ajayi

Engineering Intern, Apple

Morgan State University

"After I finished [CodePath's] iOS course, I was working hand in hand with my professor. He really liked the project I was working on, and he told me about the Tech Fellow opportunity. He could tell I really enjoyed the course, and because I was a prior student, I knew and understood what other students were looking for in the course. I was willing to fill in that role for students and not only help students with the technical stuff, but also provide mentorship. I built a lot of relationships, and I reinforced concepts [for myself] by explaining them to others. So it was a great experience for me."

Headshot of Andrew Alagna

Incoming Software Engineer, American Express 

CUNY - Hunter College

"I'm proud to have been able to teach cybersecurity as a Tech Fellow for CodePath during my last semester. Being a first generation college student, I was very nervous to come back to school, let alone navigate a competitive job market after graduation. I had a fear of failure that held me back from taking on new challenges. I enrolled in my first CodePath course to feed my curiosity of cybersecurity. I then started teaching what I learned in cybersecurity to other student's at my school. I ended up finding a community of like-minded people who were willing to work hard to achieve their goals. This gave me a way to develop my skills and confidence by continuing to push my own boundaries. I'm very grateful for these experiences. I'm also excited to graduate and start my first full-time software engineer position in August. I hope other students at Hunter will continue to carry the baton forward and participate in CodePath programs/lead cohorts."

Sebastian Rodriguez_2022

Upcoming Software Engineer Intern, Liberty Mutual

University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez

"It's been an amazing journey being a tech fellow with CodePath at the University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez . I want to give thanks to my guru Henry Rivas for helping Zuleinis Ramos (she/her) and I embark on this journey and helping us each step of the way.They've helped me make and shape me into the leader that I am today and I'm grateful for that. I'm also really proud of my students, they have come a long way since they started the android development course and are now building their own native native apps and presenting them on our local demo day."

Rodrigo Martinez_2022

Incoming Liberty Mutual Summer 2022 Intern, TechStart

University of California, Merced

"As a first generation student, CodePath has played a vital role in helping me navigate my technical journey.

I am currently working alongside my peers to help students leam iOS Mobile Development as UC Merced and through CodePath's Virtual Career Fair, I have obtained an amazing opportunity for this summer as a Full Stack Intern."


  • How do you know that your courses teach what the industry wants?

    • The curriculum was designed and built in collaboration with senior engineers from companies like Google and Meta

    • CodePath has also run internal training programs for thousands of senior engineers across many of the most reputable technology companies in the world including Meta, Airbnb, Netflix, Uber, Google and many more.

  • What does CodePath provide?

    • Full curriculum and lesson plans for sessions

    • Creating/Grading Assignments

    • Discussion Forum and Technical Support including homework help

    • Curriculum updates

    • Instructor Training

  • Can this course be offered to non-C.S. majors?

    Our courses are meant for students with a C.S. or related computing major. Some of our courses require knowledge or familiarity with the following:

    • Intro to object-oriented programming (java, python or C++)

    • Data structures and algorithms

  • How do you keep non-credit students engaged?

    • We have an average 75% - 80% course completion rate. We have benefits for alumni such as:

      • A 24/7 online support system which allows students to post their own questions and connect with topic experts. Student homework questions are typically answered within 30 minutes.

      • Access to resources: CodePath's Online Learning Portal gives students access to videos, code samples, and a comprehensive and searchable documentation library.

      • Trained professional engineering mentors

      • Referrals to other programs: Referrals for third-party programs and events like WWDC scholarships or Management Leadership for Tomorrow's Tech Trek program

  • What are the routes I can take to bring this course to my campus?

    • Find a professor to learn the curriculum, take the training and lead the course for credit

    • Find a professor to be a “professor of record” but the course will be led by students for credit. The students will have to go through Tech Fellow training and lead the class, but it will be professor backed and run for credit.

    • Run the course completely by students and not for credit. For this, you need to find 2-3 students who are willing to commit to running the course, applying and doing the 6 week training. You will also need to still ask faculty or a student club to support you in securing classroom space.

  • Will I receive a certificate upon completion of these courses?

    Yes, all students will receive a certificate of completion upon completion of the courses. Many of our students will post and share their certificates on LinkedIn, and we encourage you to do so!

  • Are these courses really offered for free? How are you able to do that?

    Yes, CodePath is a nonprofit with backing from major tech companies like Microsoft, Walmart, Cognizant, and Meta. Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, we can offer our courses to any eligible student at no-cost.

  • How can I get more questions answered?

    Please email with any questions.

Our Campuses

We are proud to offer CodePath courses at over 70 colleges and universities across the United States.

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