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Capital One Volunteers Bring Resume Feedback To Students In Need

In 2022 the CodePath Career Center provided practical, tailored support to over 4,000 individual students through more than 100 different events and programs. (We're already on track to exceed that number in 2023!)

We know opportunities for one-to-one feedback are particularly valuable, and we rely heavily on a community of volunteers to share their advice and experiences with our students in our Resume Review, Technical Interviewing and Behavioral Interviewing Weeks.

These volunteers join us from many companies and workplaces nationwide, some as part of organized programs, and others as individuals committed to playing their part in our mission to create the most diverse generation of software engineers, CTOs, and founders..

We are particularly thankful to the staff at Capital One, who consistently played an integral role in powering our support services and changing the future of the students they meet. In 2022, Capital One staff made up almost half (49%) of all Career Center volunteers. This year, an incredible 247 Capital One employees took part in Spring Resume Review Week, forming 72% of the volunteers needed to meet student demand for that event.

Anthony Mendez, a Senior Computer Science student from the University of Buffalo, was a TA for CodePath's Technical Interview Prep course and participated in Resume Review Week. Anthony was matched with a Capital One volunteer, and landed an offer due to his meeting.

Anthony shared, “I met for a resume review session with Capital One Senior Project Manager Daniel Simmons during Resume Review Week. Not only did I get personalized feedback on improving my resume for reviewers and my job search, but I also was referred to Capital One’s TDP program leading to an offer!”

Capital One has a deep commitment to providing volunteer opportunities for their employees. Pro Bono is a foundational component of Capital One’s Impact Initiative, a commitment to support growth in underserved communities and advance socioeconomic mobility by closing gaps in equity and opportunity. 

Associate Software Engineer Jamea Speight volunteers with CodePath: “My favorite part about volunteering to mentor CodePath students  is meeting and getting to know students' backgrounds and why they choose to enter the tech world.”

“Coming into tech from a non-traditional background myself, I didn’t know where to begin and how to get my foot in the door,” Speight said. “I wish I had found CodePath then, but it’s been wonderful to volunteer with CodePath and help students prepare for their career in tech. Now that I’ve gotten into my tech career, I hope to continue to help students on their path to become technical professionals.”

As CodePath’s student population continues to grow, the Career Center needs additional volunteers to provide the unique 1:1 sessions that leave a lasting impact on our students' future. CodePath offers a variety of volunteer engagement opportunities to fit your needs best. 

If you would like to participate in CodePath's future events or share these opportunities within your company, you can find more information or get in touch here.