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2020 Fall Semester Demo Day: Android Winners Announced!


This past weekend, over 250 individuals from the CodePath community participated in Demo Day, an event that takes place at the end of every semester, in which student-teams from across the US present everything they’ve learned in our mobile development courses and compete for prizes and recognition.


Nathan Esquenazi

“Demo Day was created to give all CodePath students a chance to reflect on how far they’ve come, celebrate the apps they built, and be recognized for their inspiring efforts.”

Nathan Esquenazi, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Five industry judges evaluated the students’ mobile applications. The judges included:

Here are the winners from our Android mobile development class: Fall 2020 Demo Day

Top 3 Android Applications

1st Place



Student Developers


Kat Kime
Oregon State University
Postbacc College Student. Sci-Fi Nerd. Breaker of Things. 



Gavin S
Oregon State University
Postbacc CS Student. Backpacker/Hiker. Aspiring Nerd.



Karen McFarnland
Oregon State University
Data Geek. Embracer of Change. Lifelong Learner.



Mae LaPresta
Oregon State University
Tinkerer. City Explorer. Fermentation Enthusiast.

There’s a little bit of “foodie” in all of us — Whether you’re looking for a tasty new dish, posting a delicious dessert on your feed, or wondering how to use items already in the kitchen in new and exciting ways, gastronomes alike are sure to find what they are looking for in Fond. Search for recipes by ingredient, share your latest delicious creation, or scroll through your feed for some inspiration from the world. See the project on Github.


Fond Walkthrough



2nd Place



Student Developers

Ziyue Qian

Ziyue Qian
Wellesley College
Creator. Debater. Boba-Lover.



Anthony Hom
University at Buffalo
I’m a designer who wants to continue with mobile development and learn about new technology,
someone who loves to race against the clock,
and an aspiring funnyman.


Thana Shree

Thana Shree
University at Buffalo
I am a budding tech enthusiast and a nature lover!
I am working on to be a meaningful member of both.
Things I have been excited about lately are Android development, Blockchain, and my baby plants.


Darshan Dedhia

Darshan Dedhia
Northeastern University
In a polyamorous relationship with JavaScript and Android;
a payment enthusiast who strongly believes that the next big change will be the way we transact;
and an avid hiker who loves to be in the woods and above the clouds.

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3rd Place


Student Developers


Elias Fang
UC San Diego
Coder. Student. Son. Brother. Friend. Believer



Michael Zeolla
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Dedicated. Hardworking. Student. Coder. Friend



Kevin Kim
University of Washington
Mathematician. Problem-Solver. Friend.

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Congratulations to the top 3 Android Applications and great work to all who participated. Stay tuned for individual team interviews of both the iOS and Android Finalists!



“The biggest challenge our students faced was figuring out how to build a complete and polished app from scratch in just a few weeks. Most of them only started learning Android development a few months ago! Faced with this challenge, a lot of teams were able to leverage the CodePath support network to work through their technical issues and use the product management skills they’ve been honing to figure out how to get a finished product out in time for Demo Day. As one of their instructors, I’m extremely proud of our students!”

Caren Chang, Android Engineer at Google and Instructor at


To learn more about CodePath’s Android development course and other curriculums, please visit

To watch the 2020 Fall Demo Day event in its entirety, click here.