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Celebrating Black History Month - Solomon Ayo - Volunteer Spotlight

To celebrate Black History Month, CodePath is highlighting our Black Career Center Volunteers who embody excellence in engineering and mentorship.

Solomon Ayo is a senior software engineer from Lagos, Nigeria with experience in mobile application, blockchain, and software development. In addition to tirelessly contributing to the growth and evolution of CodePath students, he works as the Senior Software Engineer Team Lead at Orokii—a money transfer app based in New Jersey.

Orange and yellow backdrop with CodePath logo in upper left corner. Solomon Ayo, CodePath Mentor and Volunteer is centered with a caption: Solomon Ayo - Senior Software Engineer Team Lead, CodePath mentor Solomon Ayo is a Team Lead at Orokii, a money transfer app based in New Jersey. He currently serves as a mentor at CodePath, providing guidance in various areas including mobile application, blockchain, and software development.

We asked Solomon about his journey as an engineer, his inspirations, and what CodePath's mission of diversity means to him.

CodePath: CodePath’s mission is to create the most diverse generation of CTOs, software engineers, and founders. What does that mean to you in the context of Black History Month?

Solomon: When we look at Black History Month, CodePath’s mission takes on a strong significance. It screams actively working towards opening up opportunities by breaking down barriers and addressing systemic inequalities that have historically limited the pathway for Black bright minds in the tech industry. 

CodePath: Question: Is there a Black leader from tech who has inspired you? Why? What would you tell this leader about CodePath’s students?

Solomon: Ashley Mitchell — she is that Black leader I respect so much. Ashley has a background that translates from Software engineering to Data engineering to Web3 engineering. She is a picture to me of resilient growth and determination. Her journey is what CodePath is about and this is what I want her to know about our students. They are people from diverse backgrounds and cultures who are being groomed to shape tomorrow’s technology landscape and they deserve every opportunity available.

CodePath:  Through your tech career, what are some experiences, thoughts, or theories that have shaped success?

Solomon: I've learned mostly through failure, whether that be failed interviews, projects, or work politics. I've also learned that in many cases there is no single "correct" answer, but there is an answer that speaks to you most based on your needs and desires. These lessons have shaped how I make decisions in my career.

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Thank you Solomon for all your work with CodePath students with the Career Center. To learn more about the student experience at CodePath, click here.