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Intro to Cyber Course Brings Essential Skills to College Students

Intro to Cybersecurity Spring 2021 CodePath

CodePath is thrilled to bring Intro to Cybersecurity to students at colleges and universities across the country with a new virtual format. With this 6-week, free, virtual course, CodePath looks to help bridge the knowledge gap, inspire a new set of students to pursue this important career path, and to supplement the computing education of students in many majors. Aimed at intermediate students majoring in computer science, IT, or any computing-related subject, the course combines theory with hands-on exercises and allows students to experience both sides of cyber warfare.

Computers, systems, and applications are under constant attack from hackers around the world hoping to gain access to data. Budding computer professionals of all stripes need to understand how to defend against cyber attacks, as cybersecurity becomes essential across all industries. Thinking “like a hacker” is a necessary skill to build safer web applications, secure computer systems, and to defend every system of modern life– from an IoT refrigerator to a sophisticated military weapons system.

Designed for students with basic programming and computer network fundamentals knowledge, Intro to Cybersecurity teaches students about all the different types of exploits that hackers use to break into systems, from brute force attacks to cross-site request forgery and everything in between. With expert training from security professionals at major companies, students will then be given the opportunity to try their luck at creatively exploiting vulnerabilities in different simulations. By understanding a hacker mentality, students gain valuable insight into the security threats faced every day by engineers, security professionals, and systems managers. 

For students considering the focus of their studies, this introduction to the world of computer security can inspire a career path that may lead to working as an information security professional, where job growth is expected to be much faster than average, at 31% between 2019 and 2029. Students who may be looking at a future MBA in Information Systems or Security can also benefit from this strong introduction to the hands-on work of finding vulnerabilities and understanding attack types. For engineers, knowledge of cybersecurity adds to the ability to build apps that are resistant to attacks and to stay one step ahead of hackers. 

CodePath originally developed the cybersecurity curriculum in collaboration with Facebook, and is able to offer the course for free through the generous support of corporate funders from the tech industry. CodePath was founded as a nonprofit to help diversify the tech industry by helping underserved students gain the knowledge and mentoring necessary to land jobs in the tech sector. Courses are open to all eligible students, and CodePath serves a student body that is 40% female or underrepresented minorities and 40% first generation college students. With the Covid-19 pandemic pushing many colleges and universities online, CodePath is expanding virtual courses to help more students benefit from supplemental CS education with experiential classes taught by Silicon Valley professionals.

Apply Now

The Intro to Cybersecurity course will run from Feb 13 to March 20, 2021, with virtual meetings on a weekly basis. To take this course, students must apply here. Early admission applications are accepted until Jan 6, 2021, and the final application deadline is Feb 6 2021. For more information, go to