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Microsoft, Walmart, and Cognizant Invest $3 Million in CodePath

Today, Microsoft, Walmart, and Cognizant, who represent over 2.6 million workers, announced a collaborative, $3 Million investment, to scale CodePath’s programs to reach 7000 students in the next two years! This is a milestone that has been years in the making ever since our decision, 6 years ago, to never charge for our classes while pushing the boundaries of what it means to offer student-centered education. Though we’ve come a long way, we are still at the very beginning of a long journey and couldn’t be more excited to rewrite the world’s pathways into technical careers with more of the world’s most influential companies.

For years, CodePath has worked closely with major technology companies and more recently has been working to realign college computer science curriculum to meet employer needs for specific skills and put students of color and women on a path to technology careers. Since 2015, CodePath has helped train more than 2,500 students across 49 colleges and universities.

We are a team of technologists and entrepreneurs who come from low-income backgrounds, driven to create the pathways that we didn’t have early in our careers. The funding will allow us to continue to innovate on our technology and volunteer-driven student support model, expand to more geographies and demographics while driving towards systems-level change across college campuses.

This milestone could not have happened without past and present CodePath team members who worked long hours while CodePath singularly focused on purpose above profit. Thank you Seaon, Charlie, Nick, Nidhi, Morgan, Pat, Nathan, Tim, Jules, Stepan, Roger and the hundreds of contractors and alumni we’ve worked with to refine our programs.

Thank you to our earliest champions and supporters who were the first to believe in our vision and continue to support our efforts today. Adam Pisoni, Sam Schillace, Vladimir Fedorov, Jocelyn Goldfein.

And finally, a special thanks to Gayatri, Kathy, Kristen, Hannah, Jane, and Joshua for your leadership as funders. You have enabled CodePath to take a giant leap forward in our journey to ensure that regardless of race, gender, income, or geography, we all will have the pathways to reach our full potential.

More details in the full press release on Microsoft’s blog.