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How FIU Computer Science Student Sebastian Nunez Tripled His Income

1200x628 _V1We sat down with Sebastian Nunez, a CodePath participant and student at Florida International University in Miami, Fla., to learn more about his experience across several CodePath programs and how they helped him along the path to a successful career in computer science. 

Through his own words, learn about the skills, knowledge, and experience Sebastian gained.

Hi, Sebastian — can you start by introducing yourself?

Sebastian: My name is Sebastian Nunez. I am a Miami resident and an alum of Miami Dade College, where I earned an associate’s degree in computer science. Currently, I’m pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer science at Florida International University.

What has your CodePath journey looked like?

Sebastian: CodePath’s courses were instrumental for me to secure my software engineering internships at JPMorgan Chase and UKG. In 2023, I participated in three CodePath courses: Android 101 (Introductory level) in the spring, Technical Interview Prep 103 (Advanced level) in the summer, and Web Development 103 (Advanced) in the fall. I also participated in the Internship Connection Program.

Can you describe what you learned in each of those programs that helped you reach your career goals?

Sebastian: Through the Internship Connection Program, I greatly improved my behavioral interview skills, built up my resume and LinkedIn, and — best of all — began to understand the importance of networking to make meaningful connections.

Through the Technical Interview Prep course, I developed the confidence and skills necessary to tackle and pass all my interviews. I was exposed to hundreds of problems, learned how to solve them, and understood the underlying data structures and algorithms I would need to solve similar problems in the future.

I was lucky enough to get into CodePath’s Advanced Web Development course: the latest 10-week, pilot course catered toward advanced, full-stack web development. Our capstone project showed me just how valuable a tight-knit team of passionate engineers can be to a company.

That’s great to hear. What are you most proud of from your experience?

Sebastian: Since breaking into tech, my yearly income has increased by 300%. I went from making $15,000- $25,000 per year to $80,000 - $110,000 per year. I take pride in my work and am confident that the skills I’m learning will benefit me in my future endeavors.

Hundreds of students like Sebastian experience transformational growth in CodePath’s programs every year. As these students succeed, they positively impact their families, peers, and communities. To learn more about CodePath’s impact, visit