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Spring 2020 Android Demo Day: Congratulations to the winners

Computer science college students present their Android mobile app innovations to software engineers at American Express, Capital One, Intuit, Scripps Research and Stealth Startup

Android Demo Day Spring 2020

CodePath’s Spring 2020 semester recently concluded with its third and final virtual demo day. Twenty-five students from California State University, Monterey Bay, Berea College, and Humboldt State University presented their Android mobile apps to a panel of judges and tech leaders from American Express, Capital One, Facebook, Google, Intuit, MyFitnessPal, Scripps Research, Square, and Stealth Startup. 

“Three words I would use to describe this year’s CodePath Tech Fellows and students: survive, adapt, overcome,” said Varunjit Singh, Regional Program Manager at CodePath. “These folks not only survived our rigorous curriculum, but they adapted to a sudden shift to online education due to COVID-19 and overcame the challenges to present at our first ever national demo day for Android. I am optimistic that each and everyone one of these students and their Tech Fellows will have bright futures ahead of them.”

Without further ado, these were the winners of the Spring 2020 Android demo day:

Best App Design 

Based on aesthetics and discoverability


Yelin Joh and Wonkyu Jeong from California State University, Monterey Bay

YumSpot is an app that allows users to search for places to eat, upload and share photos of food, and make plans to eat out.

YumSpot at Android Demo Day

Most Innovative Idea

Based on the uniqueness of the application


Jordan Feigner, Peter Oliver, Alexander Stephen Fittinghoff from Humboldt State University

A Unity application, StarGazer allows users to explore an accurate simulation of the night sky on their mobile devices. Users can view the stars, planets, and other deep sky objects that are above their location. The app also incorporates AR features, allowing the user to aim their phone in any direction (whether the sky or the ground) to see what stars and constellations are located in that direction.

StarGazer at Android demo day

Best Product Idea and Best Overall App

Based on the app’s ability to work as a business product, its scalability to accommodate more users, and based on the highest overall score from the other categories.

Night Walker

Sama Manalai, Concepta Njolima, Immanuela Belaineh from Berea College

Nightwalker is a security app that enables users to call the 911 emergency line, and communicate with your friends and family. It allows security officials and family members to find your location. 

Night Walker at Android demo day

To watch the Android virtual demo day in its entirety, click here

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