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Fast-track Your Hiring at the Emerging Engineers Summit

Virtual recruitment is changing the game in a big way. Gone are the days of stressing over travel logistics and struggling to keep good talent on your radar. By going virtual,  recruiters can seamlessly foster one-on-one connections with enthusiastic leads from a ripe talent pool. 

At the forefront of the remote recruitment revolution is CodePath’s Emerging Engineers Summit (EES), the nation’s largest and most diverse virtual hiring event. This isn’t just your average career fair–– Over 5,000 exceptionally bright CodePath students and alumni, many of whom are from underrepresented backgrounds.

Here's why you should consider adding EES to your fall recruiting roster:

One-Stop Hub for Nationwide Talent 

Hiring budgets are tight. And attending in-person hiring fairs can get pricey with the combined cost of travel, lodging, and marketing materials. In 2020, the National Association of Colleges and Employers reported that an employer’s average cost per hire for undergraduate students is $6,110 through on-campus recruitment. And because attending every school’s hiring fair is impossible, employers end up at the same target schools annually and lose out on expanding to worthwhile talent elsewhere.

Virtual hiring events like CodePath’s EES offer a more cost-effective opportunity to expand reach and maximize ROI from a pool of well-matched emerging engineers from 400+ colleges and universities across the US. 

Last year’s event brought high levels of engagement with programming, including over 17,000 unique sponsor booth visits, 345 avg. attendees and 30,000+ online chat and emoji engagements during active breakout sessions. 


"EES was a well-organized event. I had the opportunity to connect with a multitude of candidates in 1:1 and small group settings in a very efficient and effective way."

-Amanda Firtz, Recruiter, SiriusXM


Cut Through the Noise with 1:1 Talent Matching

The mass application era is upon us. With a higher volume of applications and fewer job openings, everyone feels the unmanageable effects. And it shows. According to a poll by Indeed and Harris Polls, 70% of employees think recruiters need to spend more time researching candidates––40% were contacted about jobs that weren't a good fit. 

EES is breaking this cycle, offering direct access through talent matching and invite-only networking with exceptionally prepared emerging engineers.

Sponsors and exhibitors can also access CodePath’s CareerConnect platform and receive prescreened matches for specific roles who meet 100% of the qualifications––including technical skill level, class year, graduation date, location, and work authorization.

Priority Access to Exceptional Early Talent

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Gen Z is estimated to make up 30% of the workforce by 2030. Rather than allowing these young professionals to show their chops now, companies choose to be skeptics and focus recruitment on higher-level technical talent.

What’s the problem here? They miss out on building foundational relationships with exceptional early talent trained in the latest skill sets and tools. While layoffs and downsizing continue to impact technical roles, offers still roll in for experienced talent.

By prioritizing allowing early-career professionals the opportunity to grow and evolve within your company, you avoid these last-minute reneges and potential quick-turn attrition.

The proof is in the pipeline––CodePath students and alumni talent who start as interns convert to full-time employees 86% of the time, 30% higher than the national average.

Catch up with an evolving workforce––we debunked early talent hiring myths and laid Gen Z recruitment misconceptions to rest. 

"If your company has any early career opportunities for coding and data, then this is an excellent talent pool to speak with...extraordinary students!"

-Brenda Tracy, Sr. Recruiter, SRI International


More than Just a Career Fair

According to CodePath’s latest survey, only 13% of students find it the most helpful recruitment resource, and that’s why we’re re-designing what career fairs are supposed to do.

At EES, each participating company has dedicated, tailored support. From start to finish, your participation is a highly valued opportunity to represent your brand and expand reach in a personable way that doesn’t occur at larger recruitment summits. 

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