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CodePath Update, May 2022

Summer is just around the corner, which means getting to work with students for our upcoming summer internship and interview prep programs.

Thank you to everyone who shared our call for mentors with your teams. We are grateful for your help - whether sourcing extraordinary mentors or supporting our organization at large. These engineers will mentor over 3000 students who are enrolled in our courses and over 300 interns through partnerships with Meta, Workday, Salesforce, Course Hero, and Schmidt Futures. 

If you are interested in more volunteer opportunities with CodePath, I encourage you to consider sign up as a mentor for students participating in our upcoming Behavioral Interview Week to assist them with resume review and mock interviews. 

We are currently recruiting corporate partners for our Virtual Career Fair and Internship Connection programs. At our Virtual Career Fairs, employers meet hundreds of pre-qualified, diverse engineering students from across the country in order to find 100% matches. Similarly, our Internship Connection Program provides employers with priority access to engage with underrepresented CS juniors to get to know them, lend professional and technical guidance, and possibly hire participating students. 

Join employers like Google, Microsoft, and Capital One that are hiring from thousands of CodePath's top CS students for internships and full time SWE roles. Click here to schedule a call and discuss your hiring needs with our team! 

Also, I am elated to share with you our 2021 Annual Report, which highlights the impact we have created together. This is just the beginning.

2021 Annual Report Highlights:

  • We enrolled over 4,900 students, and partnered with 71 universities
  • 1,000+ job and internship offers in 2021 - over 500 of which were at Fortune 100 companies
  • 86% of participants in our inaugural SITE program secured paid internship opportunities for next summer

Additional May Updates:

  • After such spectacular success in 2021, the Summer Internship for Tech Excellence (SITE) program is being offered again this upcoming summer with the same partners, CourseHero and Workday, joined by our newest additional partners, Schmidt Futures. Additionally, as you might have seen, Salesforce’s Futureforce Tech Launchpad has launched. Students are already announcing their acceptance into the program, and are excited to work and learn at Salesforce Tower this summer
  • This month we recently celebrated the launch of CodePath’s Engineering Brain Trust, a committee of technical leaders who are graciously contributing their industry expertise to inform our programming and curriculum. Our organization has already made incredible progress so far this year with new insights, partnerships, and programs unveiled - we even launched a new website design to better capture all this positive momentum! And the year isn’t even halfway through yet…

  • Finally, I am excited to share that Red Nose Day and Comcast NBCUniversal released this video to celebrate our partnership and highlight CodePath’s approach to transforming the tech field. With generous support from Red Nose Day and Comcast NBCUniversal, we will be able to prepare 5,000 more underserved young people for tech jobs, expand computer science coursework to 10-15 new U.S. schools, and support 20-45 student leaders with scholarships, and more in order to improve access to high-quality jobs that will help reduce intergenerational poverty.

As the economy moves towards a likely recession, your support is increasingly valuable to our students. Recession times usually mean an inflation of expectations of the minimum skills and experience employers demand for the same positions.

These times also usually bring a curtailing of diversity, equity, & inclusion programming - unless those programs are seen as “essential” to the business demonstrated by equivalent ROI of regular, not-intentionally-diverse, talent funnels. The way we best serve our students in this environment is to continue to focus on high standards of technical proficiency. 

Thank you for helping us educate others about the value that diverse CS students bring to your organizations and the technology industry as a whole.

We could not do this work alone.


Michael Ellison
Cofounder and CEO, CodePath